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SERVPRO Proposes a Permanent Solution to Crawlspace Water Damage: Encapsulation

No one thinks that the average rainfall in Middle Tennessee in any given year, like this year, could be 50 inches. But it is, and that number is a foot-and-one-half more than the rainfall in our foggy, rainy neighbor to the Northwest, Seattle.

The demand for water extraction and drying out crawlspaces is at an all time high for our neck of the woods. Crawlspace Encapsulation in your Madison home can be the answer, once and for all, to ending constant standing water problems and ongoing water damage to your property. Keeping dampness to a minimum also improves your IAQ indoor air quality. How about lowering your energy bill for good measure by as much as 18%?

In a crawlspace, moisture accumulation and standing water quite often are the result of seepage from soil water and penetration through the foundation walls. Poor air circulation adds to the lack of evaporation and further deterioration of building materials like floor joists and batten insulation. Appliance failure, undetected leaks from plumbing, air conditioning condensate lines and poor site grading and drainage around the foundation lets water flow into the crawlspace. The installation of mechanical equipment is extremely effective in excess water elimination. In the photo, a sump pump, to collected draining water and moisture below the 12-mil CrawlGuard plastic reinforced sheeting, keeps the interior relatively free of humidity. A fixed dehumidifier does the rest. This does prevent standing water from becoming a water-damaging issue. SERVPRO believes the best mitigation for water damage, is actually to prevent it from occurring. The installation of this product line, not a small investment, pays for itself in energy savings, a wholesome whole house environment, and reduced repair bills. Be proactive.

A drier, cleaner subterranean condition reduces the chances of a mold or termite infestation. Wild vermin like raccoons, possums, and rodents are less likely to attempt to habitat this type of environment. Less chance of fleas, lice, insects, and ticks.

In this video, SERVPRO demonstrates Crawlspace Encapsulation as a long term solution to help block water damage in the crawl of many of our customers' homes. Crawlspace Encapsulation is a complete approach to resolving issues that can result in damp or wet crawl space issues. As shown in the video, Crawlspace Encapsulation helps prevent water intrusion into the enclosure of the subflooring from outside and almost immediately removes any moisture generated from within a crawlspace. It also provides a barrier against moisture migration into the building materials and the living space of your home.

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